Inverto’s OneSAT Cross Platform Ku flat panel terminal is a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go or on-the-pause applications. The terminal is based on a cost-effective electronically steerable phased array antenna design. Fully integrated with a low-profile, low weight, low power consumption and a built-in WiFi access point, this Cross Platform Ku terminal is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use product providing seamless satellite broadband connectivity when and where you need it. The OneSAT Cross Platform Ku terminal addresses a variety of mobile broadband connectivity over satellite applications such as maritime and vehicle as well as fixed broadband services over satellite over LEO, MEO or GEO network constellations.


Main Features:
■ Ku band, Linear polarization – Horizontal, Vertical
■ Best-in-class SWaP - perfectly suited for all “on the move” Vehicle and Maritime applications
■ Ideal for fixed broadband access over satellite for MNO towers or Oil & Gas platforms
■ Works with LEO, MEO and GEO satellite network constellations
■ All in one - Integrated terminal equipped with everything needed to get your connected including a Wi-Fi access point
■ No moving parts providing long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs for all use case scenarios
■ Easy set up – self-tuning with fast signal acquisition time

Industries and applications
Government & Military
Easy to set up, portable, and robust due to the lack of moving parts make the OneSAT terminals ideal for reliable on-demand mobile satellite communications where and when they are needed such as first responders, intelligence community users, public safety operations or disaster and recovery teams for example.

Land Mobility
Field proven low-power, low-profile and light terminals, ideal for mobile units and services or rural locations. Large agricultural crops, seas and oceans, forests and deserts are some of the locations that are best covered by satellite communications. Car vendors, for example, can beam software updates to cars, data backup to communications satellites, and deliver entertainment that are not not possible with terrestrial networks. OneSAT terminals enable mobility customers such as airlines, train operators, trucking and coach companies to leverage the power of LEO, MEO and GEO satellite networks to ensure that their customers and remote users remain connected no matter where they are – be it mid-air, mid-ocean or in the most remote corners of the world.

Digital transformation in the shipping industry is here! Shipping companies are exploring ways to leverage new technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of their investments. Fleet owners are interested in applications that enable digitalization of their vessel operations through collecting, sharing and reusing operational data on board and at shore. Vessels opt to benefit from access to communications and content critical to safety and efficiency during even the roughest of seas. passengers and crew are expecting the same connectivity on board as on shore. They want fast, reliable, easy to use Wi-Fi Access. Digital transformation is reinvigorating the shipping industry through new applications to streamline operations, customer experience, and efficiency to which reliable broadband connectivity as enabled by the OneSAT terminals is key. 


LEO applications


Technical specifications
Band Ku
Receiving frequency 10.7GHz ~ 12.75GHz
Transmission frequency 13.7GHz ~ 14.5GHz
Tx IF 1.40GHz ~ 2.40GHz
Rx IF 0.95GHz ~ 2.15GHz
Polarization mode linear polarization
G/T 12 dB/k
Scanning angle - Off-axis angle 0-60°
Scanning angle - Azimuth angle 0-360°
Tracking accuracy ≤ 0.2 °
Multi beam Yes
Input voltage 48 VDC
Power consumption ≤450 W (AVG)
Ports Ethernet / WiFi access point
Dimensions 1000mm × 650mm × 70mm
Weight ≤25 kg
Working temperature -40° ~ 55°C
Storage temperature -55° ~ 70°C
Relative humidity 10%~ 95% (35°C)
Protection standard IP66

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