Video streaming and content delivery over broadcast satellites based on DVB-Native IP
airstream Live™ is a unique, DVB-NIP compatible, cloud service offering cost-effective live streaming and content delivery solution over broadcast satellite or terrestrial networks. It consists of an airstream Live mABR server featuring open-standard interfaces for simple and quick integration with origin servers and uplink DVB-S2/S2X modulators at the broadcast headend side and airstream Live gateway receivers and mobile player application for playout devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops/PCs to be used by the end users.

The content broadcast via airstream Live™ – ABR live/VoD DASH/HLS streams or any type of files - is received by the airstream Live gateways and is streamed to end users devices over Wi-Fi. The airstream Live cloud service can also be provided as an on-premise installation if on-premise deployment is preferred.

The airstream Live solution is addressing a plethora of use cases where content delivery over satellite is the only economically viable and ecologically sound option including e-learning for rural schools, maritime and connected vehicle entertainment applications, e-health to isolated communities, digital signage and smart city applications as well as multi-screen satellite TV services. In addition to serving rural communities, sea or air crews and passengers, airstream Live can be used to boost content delivery to CDN edges and to 5G nodes to deliver low latency streaming and far better user experience to customers.


  • e- learning applications for rural schools
  • Multi-screen Satellite/Terrestrial TV
  • Live/VoD content delivery to public sites
  • Digital signage
  • Smart cities video services
  • e-health and telemedicine video applications
  • Download-to-carry, live streaming entertainment services over WiFi hotspots
  • Live streaming, media and data delivery to rural communities, sea and air crews and passengers
  • Live streaming and media delivery to CDN edges and 5G nodes



Example use case: Education content delivery to rural schools
Making online education services available to rural schools and homes over satellite broadcast is of high importance to governments of developing countries that decided to close the digital divide.

An airstream Live™ PRO mABR server (on-premise or as a cloud service) receives learning material files (including video, audio and documents) from a media server over the internet and broadcasts them over satellite to airstream Live™ gateways installed in rural schools and homes. The gateways integrate the airstream Live™ software stack that is responsible for extracting the educational material files from the broadcast streams and make them available for local streaming to end users’ mobile devices over Wi-Fi. When many users shall be supported, a companion and more powerful airstream Live Edge server is installed in addition to the gateway device.

In addition to the online educational material streamed from the airstream Live Gateways to the end users’ devices, the gateways will be able to decode and display the streams on a connected TV over an HDMI or analog A/V port.

The following diagram describes the system architecture for the use case:

Available products:

airstream Live™ mABR PRO Server
Item 6039
airstream Live™ Gateway
Item 6358

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