Inverto’s Essential series of satellite dish antennas was engineered to deliver high performance at cost optimized design and addresses cost-conscious DTH operators worldwide.

Continuing to uphold our market leading position, the Essential series of satellite dish antennas offers high quality, high performance and unparalleled durability which have become synonymous with our brand and ODU products. Manufactured to strict quality standards, Inverto satellite dish antennas undergo a rigorous anti-corrosion process applying polyester powder coating to prevent long-term corrosion and ensure durability and optimal reception-performance for DVB-S2 HDTV and UHD TV broadcasts across the globe.

Main features:
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Lasting quality - durable parts and solid construction
  • High quality uniform surface with anti-corrosion coating
  • Perfect reception quality with high gain across the band
  • Bulk or single packaging

Available models:
5778 90cm  steel  Ku off-set dish antenna LG with L Bracket Bent Steel 200mm x 420mm x Ø38 x 1.8mm IDLK-STCF90-LB20G-LPX
5785 90cm  steel  Ku off-set dish antenna LG with L Bracket Bent Steel 315mm x 590mm x Ø38 x 1.8mm IDLK-STCF90-LB31G-LPX
5844 90cm  steel  Ku off-set dish antenna LG with Universal Bracket Steel 590mm x Ø42 x 1.5mm IDLK-STCF90-UB42G-LPX
5847 90cm steel Ku off-set dish antenna LG with Universal Bracket Steel 580mm x Ø38 x 1.5mm IDLK-STCF90-UB38G-LPX

Universal Bracket Steel 590mm x Ø42 x 1.5mm Universal Bracket Steel 580mm x Ø38 x 1.5mm L Bracket Bent Steel 200mm x 420mm x Ø38 x 1.8mm L Bracket Bent Steel 315mm x 590mm x Ø38 x 1.8mm

RF performance
Our long history of leadership in RF technology research, and quality assurance that involve the strictest production line testing have enabled us to bring to market a Dish solution that combines optimal antenna geometry with advanced performance levels.
Weather proof
Our specially developed anticorrosive coating process includes cleaning, phosphate and polyester powder coating and rigorous tests in large scale salt mist chambers, followed by long-term field tests executed in various geographical conditions that range across the North Sea, Middle-East and the tropics. Our products are tested in specialized wind-tunnels in which they are exposed to various wind velocities from different directions and elevations.
Mechanical design
We design our antenna dishes for ease and solidity of assembly of all the system elements in order to ensure long-term durability of the dish in the toughest conditions.
Our satellite dish range is built to the strongest mechanical quality requirements. Automated processes and the use of precision tools ensure a uniform cross-yield high quality and specification compliance of all our products.
Easy installation
A user-friendly product design philosophy ensures our antenna dishes are quick and easy to assemble in their first use and easily adjusted, if needed, during their life time.
Logistics friendly
Our customers can choose from a variety of flexible packaging solutions. Individual or bulk packaging ensures minimized transportation and handling costs.
Customer service & Support
We at Inverto value our customers and are able to offer them our special customer and service support which has positioned us as a market leading brand for many years.
One-Stop-Shop solution
With our extensive range of LNBs for any installation scenario (SD or HDTV reception), Inverto can offer you a complete satellite reception solution with customized dish-packs for improved economy and cost-effectiveness.

Inverto has one of industries’s most diversified LNB product range comprising of over 70 different LNB. We can offer you any LNB you need for any type of installation: Single, Twin, Quattro, Quad, Monoblocks of various angles, long neck, short neck, Unicable (one cable solution).

Technical specifications
Reception frequency 10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz
Antenna gain (Ku-Band) 38.5 dBi ~ 40 dBi
Galvanized Steel
Reflector thickness 0.6 mm
Finish coat Polyester Powder Coating
Color Anthracite (RAL7016)
Light grey (RAL7035)
Short axis diameter 83.5 cm (78.5 cm Internal)
Long axis diameter 91.5 cm (86 cm Internal)
LNB holder diameter 40 mm
LNB arm
Galvanized Steel
Polyester Powder Coating
LNB holder
Operational temp.
-40°C ~ +60°C
Operation wind
90 km/h
Survival wind
130 km/h


Material Galvanized Steel
Finish coat
Polyester Powder Coating
Azimuth alignment
0° ~ 360°
Elevation alignment
0° ~ 90°

Universal bracket/L-bracket
Material Galvanized Steel
Finish Coat Polyester Powder Coating

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