FTA to Join European Industry Partnership

FTA Communication Technologies to Join European Industry Partnership to meet needs of convergent solutions between Mobile and Broadcast Television.


Luxemburg, 7th of January 2008 – FTA Communication Technology (“FTA-Inverto”) announced today to have partnered under the WellCom initiative under Information Technology for European Advancement 2 of the European Commission to contribute and engage on next generation infrastructure with industry leaders.


 The WellCom initiative hosts key technology and service players from both the media broadcast and the mobile industry, targeted at the convergence of the two media and respective technologies.
 "TV or other media viewing and the personal, mobile experience shall become indistinguishable in the coming two to three years, with plans and some applications already in the making" said Tomer Bentzion, FTA-Inverto’s CEO. "The strengths of this WellCom initiative stems from the need for the gathering of all key actors in previously two separate industries. WellCom  represents a unique environment to harness the potential for innovation across the respective technologies and services.”
 The objective of the WellCom project is to address the issues related to the creation, delivery and management of advanced multimedia applications and services in the context of a distributed home environment and for users on-the-go. The project will offer solutions providing end-users with seamless and easy access to new services and applications from various terminals. In addition, a unique experience with new types of group interactions will become possible.


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