Inverto to Make Available SCENA5 HD STB platform
Inverto announced today the official commercialization of the SCENA5 platform that is targeted at Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable high-definition reception and streaming.
SCENA5 is a fully H.264 (MPEG4)/MPEG2/XVID-compliant decoder that can support various front-ends or reception modes, various connectivity options, as well as Common Interface slot.
SCENA5 is essentially a Personal Digital Recorder sold as a Set Top Box, which interfaces with external hard drive disks through a USB port to enable recording and “trick-play” functionality. It is marketed with a remote control conceived for this purpose and features software capabilities which enable instant management of external video, audio and image files.  Apart from  HDMI output, HDCP support and an HDMI cable, it includes SCART and composite video to go with any display device.
SCENA5 was designed to be the product of choice for consumers who care about the set top box they purchase”, said Thierry Abraham, Chief Technology Officer of Inverto, “it is an all-in-one, neatly designed receiver that gives today’s best-available image quality, all in probably the smallest size in existence today on the marketplace
The product is initially designed under IDL5550S to address the DVB-S2 market and is currently available with various retailers and distribution outlets. It features a small-size and a unique design that can accommodate either horizontal or vertical position.
IDL5540T is a DVB-T, Common Interface based version of the SCENA5 targeting markets across Europe and also enabling reception of new terrestrial-based services which broadcast in MPEG4.
IDL5530C is a DVB-C, Common Interface based version of the SCENA5 tailored to the German cable market, as well as other cable markets that are Common Interface – friendly.
 SCENA5 also optimizes image quality with its Vivax technology and supports a multitude of connectivity options.
Inverto also announced integration in progress of Conditional Access for specific customer needs.
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