Environmental policy

Environmental protection is an integral part of Inverto´s business practices. As a global citizen, we feel responsibility towards the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of the environmental impact of our work and towards the preservation of a healthy planet.

Inverto’s Carbon Footprint
We take great care to keep our activities and our products environmentally sound – from the earliest stages of product design through to manufacturing to customer use as well as to the recycling process. The four areas of particular attention are:

  • Product and packaging design
  • Choice of materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling

Each aspect of the design cycle provides significant challenges, yet our efforts in these areas have resulted in some impressive results.

Product design
The reduced environmental impact of our products starts with the product design phase. Design dictates the quantity of raw materials as well as the type and recyclability of materials used. It also determines how much energy is consumed during manufacturing and product use.

Choice of materials
Inverto helps to safeguard the environment – as well as consumers’ safety – by restricting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our materials and manufacturing processes.

Energy efficiency
A products greatest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions comes from its consumptions of energy over time. Inverto continuously develops further technologies that are power consumption optimized. Some of our product designs include smart software power controls and supporting power circuits that optimize energy efficiency. Inverto´s high end LNB lines are among the few in the industry that feature power regulators. Our team invests significant effort to research and develop products that are ever more power efficient.

Inverto’s holistic, lifecycle approach to recycling includes using highly recyclable materials in products in addition to providing extensive support under the recycling directive of the EU- Commission.

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