The SatPal - Technology

Manage & control the quality of your installations

Inverto’s SatPal™ is an exciting new development assisting installers to guarantee the quality of their antenna installations, manage their installations and generate full audit details of them – all using the intuitive and easy to use SatPal™ App (iOS and Android supported).

With SatPal™, the installer’s smartphone becomes a powerful installation tool which is not only able to display the signal level and quality but to store the installation details including the location of the installation (via GPS), the list and details of the equipment installed and capture photos of the installation for future reference. A comprehensive report is then generated and sent out to a dedicated email address which the user sets up in the App.
If the installer does not have email access at the time of the installation then the report will be emailed as soon as he is back on-line. The report gives full traceability of the equipment used, the quality of the instillation and the signal performance in one simple report.

The SatPal™ solution is ideal for both operators who want to be able to better monitor and record the data of their installations or by installer or service/ maintenance companies who wants a record of their installs.

The SatPal™ also allows the installer to configure (if required by the operator), diagnose and troubleshoot installation issues of any Inverto’s Unicable ll™ LNB or Multiswitch installation. It allows monitoring of operational parameters of Unicable ll™ products such as the spectrum of the received satellite signal, retrieving diagnostic data, reading, editing and updating configuration files as well as the unit’s firmware and more.

SatPal™ was designed as a tool for the installer to use in the field. The benefit of being able to support the initial installation through the smartphone App which can then generate a detailed installation report makes the product unique. The smartphone App allows an intuitive and easy use of the Unicable ll™ diagnostic and programming features.

The SatPal™ small form factor and the options to power it via a standard power pack or from the installed receiver allows the user to have an enormously powerful installation tool at a truly affordable price.

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5415   SatPal conroller™    IDLU-SPAL03-OOOBT-OPP

SatPal™ app on iTunes store
SatPal™ app on Google Play store
SatPal™ Application - Privacy Policy

The SatPal™ Solution

Controlling the quality of field installations

The SatPal™ Controller

The SatPal™ Controller is supplied with a portable battery, neck strap, a USB cable and Quick User Guide.

The  SatPal™ features

Sat Meter

Sat Finder

Install & Report

Installation summary

Unicable II™ Configuration
Configure Unicable II™ LNBs or Multiswitches*
& Create new or edit existing Unicable llTM configurations

* Support for Inverto Unicable II™ LNBs & Multiswitches only

Unicable II™ Diagnostic tools

Configuration Editor
Create new or edit existing Unicable ll configurations

Key features of the solution

  • SatPal™ iOS and Android apps + SatPal™ Controller
  • Sat Finder and dish alignment tool with location (GPS)-based guidance
  • Customized satellite and transponder lists
  • Satellite meter with real-time spectrum analyzer measuring MER, output level, C/N, Constellation diagrams - working with Universal or Unicable ODUs.
  • Installation report generator including location, installer’s details, signal measurements, inventory and photos
  • Unicable II™ programmer and diagnosis tool
  • Powered by power bank, STB or ac/dc adapter
  • Lightweight, mobile solution 

The SatPal™ benefits & advantages

Reduces cost of service for DTH operators
Increases productivity of service teams & independent installers:

  • Simplifies the dish installation process
  • Control the installation quality - ensure the installation is right from moment one
  • Provide full traceability of field installations and inventory - who / when / where / what / how well
  • Simplified installation audit
  • Effective update tool for Static Unicable II™ MDU installations
  • Affordable - replacing expensive professional meters
*For a higher resolution view of the above diagrams, please download the PDF version from here

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